Welcome to Wild Routed



Growing up in the Midwest found us trekking through the woods, spending time in the garden with family, and of course, sharing stories around a cozy campfire. These are some of our fondest memories. 

Each hand-drawn design is a visual reflection of precious time spent with the people we love and the beautiful outdoor places we wander... 


We were fortunate to grow up on the Engst' Homestead surrounded by family. It was a magical childhood and is remembered with true affection. Being allowed to play wild in the vast wooded hills located in a small town on Route116 in Central Illinois...  We've headed back to the simple life once again. Family meals, campfire stories with s'mores, sharing life skills, and just an appreciation for the little things.

We sure hope you enjoy our line of inspirationally designed pieces and hope it reminds you of life's little treasures. Enjoy FREE shipping on domestic orders over $50.

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