Eco-Conscious Collection

Sustainable products that make the perfect gift… Meet our line-up of eco-conscious graphic tees, tanks, dog bandanas, stickers and sketchbooks that you’ll feel good about giving. 

Our graphic tees are printed in the USA/Central Illinois with algae ink® from Living Ink Technology. Designed and hand-drawn by Wild Routed to give a special sentiment to each piece. BONUS: algae ink® is a carbon-negative pigment.

We offer dog bandanas in small - medium and medium - large. Hand-dyed with either Indigo Blue or Madder Root from Stony Creek Colors in USA. Easy slip-on/slip-off with a cotton-coated rubber twist. (makes it easy to get the perfect fit too) The design is printed with algae ink® Going on long walks is good for you AND your pup!

For the journal or designer in the family… our sketchbooks are printed in the USA/Central Illinois with water-based inks using our design. They come in dotted or blank interior pages and are small enough to tuck in a backpack, purse or satchel. 

We also offer 2 hemp paper stickers that are perfect for sketchbooks, letters/cards, or laptops. Hemp is basically nature's purifier. The plant captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, quickly cleaning the air we breathe as a result.

Oh, and 10% of profits go back to the National Parks and Forests.

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