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Environmental Commitment

We are committed to provide quality designs and products using eco-conscious methods and materials where possible.

Using carbon-negative algae ink® from Living Ink Tech

Licensed converter for MIRUM® from Natural Fiber Welding - Plants, not plastic®

Shipping materials from Ecoenclose - Be Proud of How you Ship.

Shirt blanks from Bella Canvas - Earth First. Always.

Coloring books printed with carbon-negative algae ink® - printed by Hemlock Printing

Stickers printed by Sticker App - Sustainable impact of HP Indigo printer 



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Printing with Algae Ink®

We us carbon negative Algae Ink® by Living Ink technologies on our graphic tees and bandannas.

Algae Black is a bio-based, renewable, and safe carbon black alternative.

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Mirum® by Natural Fiber Welding

MIRUM® is a categorically new, plant-based and plastic-free material.

MIRUM® delivers on your specific aesthetic and functional needs and offers the only durable, premium-feel leather alternative made with 100% biobased ingredients.

MIRUM® is the climate-friendly solution for retails and brands looking to shrink their footprint. Always plastic free and now available in more colors than ever before.

Wild Routed is a licensed converter for MIRUM®.

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Eco-Conscious Packaging

Need eco friendly packaging options, product protection wrap, or custom boxes made from 100% recycled content? Curious about which shipping products are best for the planet? Looking for a partner to help navigate packaging for your complex business operations or sustainability journey? Wherever you are, Ecoenclose has you covered.

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