Environmental Commitment

We are committed to provide quality designs and products using eco-conscious methods and materials where possible.

Using carbon-negative algae ink® from Living Ink Tech

Licensed converter for MIRUM® from Natural Fiber Welding - Plants, not plastic®

Shipping materials from Ecoenclose - Be Proud of How you Ship.

Shirt blanks from Bella Canvas - Earth First. Always.

Cards and prints printed with algae ink® - printed by DK Printing in CO

Stickers printed by Sticker App - Sustainable impact of HP Indigo printer 



1% for the Planet logo

Printing with Algae Ink®

We us carbon negative Algae Ink® by Living Ink technologies on our graphic tees and bandannas.

Algae Black is a bio-based, renewable, and safe carbon black alternative.

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Mirum® by Natural Fiber Welding

MIRUM® is a categorically new, plant-based and plastic-free material.

MIRUM® delivers on your specific aesthetic and functional needs and offers the only durable, premium-feel leather complement made with 100% biobased ingredients.

MIRUM® is the climate-friendly solution for retails and brands looking to shrink their footprints and expand their creative palettes. Always plastic free and now available in more colors than ever before.

Wild Routed is a licensed converter for Mirum®.

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Eco-Conscious Packaging

Need eco friendly packaging options, product protection wrap, or custom boxes made from 100 % recycled content? Curious about which shipping products are best for the planet? Looking for a partner to help navigate packaging for your complex business operations or sustainability journey? Wherever you are, Ecoenclose has you covered.

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