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      Wild Routed

      Food As Adventure

      Food As Adventure

      We recently drove to Sedona, Arizona to celebrate the new year!

      Day 1: Hike to Devil's Bridge (free)

      Day 2: Hike around the Grand Canyon ($80 NPS 1 Year Family PASS)

      Day 3: Hike the lava flows from an extinct Volcano (free w PASS)

      Day 4: Randomly choose a cafe close by and have the best meal of our life.

      This experience reminded us how important food is to our soul... the loving care and craftsmanship of good healthy food. You can feel it and see it.

      fish tacos

      Food affects our health, our mood and our emotions. Why do we rush through so many mealtimes? (( I know... we're busy. )) But, what if we choose to cut things that don't really add to our life experience...and in that space, take time to choose delicious healthy recipes and make them together as a family. Choosing recipes from other cultures can add to the adventure too. 

      Elote Cafe

      Elote Cafe offers Cookbook Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 - available on their website www.elotecafe.com - We've made the Mexican Chocolate Pie and the Elote Corn appetizer so far. Hunting for ingredients is a little bit of adventure on its own. The cookbook mentions places to source special ingredients as well as menu for every type of celebration. So much fun!


      Sedona AZ


      Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place... Red Rock Country. We went in January... there was a bit of snow on the ground, but the sun was warm and the views inspiring and golden. The earthen colors just seep into your soul and warm it.

      If we go again, we would probably stay in Flagstaff. It's closer to many of the outdoor hikes and parks that we visited. But, if you like to walk to restaurants and hike the lower canyon, Sedona is the best place for it.

      Note: Elote is seriously a reservation style cafe. Thanks to the party of 3 that cancelled their reservation... seriously, thanks. 

      Eat good food. Prepare it Together. #sharestories







      Take in the Outdoors

      Take in the Outdoors

      We live in a fast-paced world today... screens, responsibilities... you know what were talking about right?

      It's easy to get in "rat-race" mode and some times hard to wind down. 

      Take a deep breath in and close your eyes... think of what it was like when you were a child playing outside. What do you hear and feel? (insert birds chirping here)

      Now, open your eyes. 

      Even if it's in your own back years, a sense of peace can be found outdoors.

      Happy New Year! Let's take back our time in nature :-)

      De, John and Brennen



      Photo courtesy of Angelo Pantazis